Vindstot (sometime incorrectly called Vinstot) is a boss from Armed with Wings 2. Although Vindstot is male, his stature and the silhouette nature of the game have led some to believe him to be a woman. He was the fourth commander of the rebellion army, being slaughtered by Vandheer Lorde during the rebellion, then resurrected by Blackmist (not necessarily by Lone Warrior). He guarded the Blade of Wind, one of Blades of Eden. Vandheer encountered him in Gusty Valley, where Vindstot eventually defeated and slain once more.


Vindstot, like other rebels, fiercely hated and despised the king and his men. Like his brethren, he was slaughtered by Vandheer Lorde prior to the first game. Evidently, Blackmist resurrected him and gave him the Blade of Wind for safekeeping.

Powers Edit

As a rebel commander, Vindstot is a powerful fighter with great mastery over wind magic. He can channel the wind to create tornadoes, float in the air, and fire wind blades.He also can teleport if absolutely necessary, and is capable of using the Blade of Wind.


In Armed with Wings 2, Vindstot's battle has two phases. In the first phase, he hovers in the air over a platform, throwing razor-sharp blades of wind at Vandheer. These blades travel in straight lines, across terrains. The speed, firerate, and damage of the blades increase as Vindstot's health lowers. Notably, the blades may pull Vandheer towards him, causing unpreventable multiple damage. Vandheer can roam across the platform beneath him, evading the blades easily. However, Vindstot is invulnerable during the time.

When Vindstot becomes exhausted and falls, Vandheer must ascend to his platform and do as much damage as possible. This is done by activating a switch and floating onto the platform. A powerful repulsive force around Vindstot is unleashed after he recovers from exhaustion. This renders him invulnerable again, and can cause heavy damage and pushback if Vandheer fails to avoid it. An easy tactic to defeat him is to use the Blade of Water. One hit from the special attack will immediately drain his health.

After his first health bar is depleted, Vandheer smashes Vindstot through a wall onto an arena surrounded by bottomless pits. After rapidly regenerating his health, Vindstot slowly walks towards Vandheer, attacking with the Blade of Wind when he gets close, with an emphasis on knockback attacks that can launch Vandheer into the pit. He also casts tornadoes for the same purpose, but they can be jumped over. The safest tactic is to pepper him with ice bolts from afar.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only boss in any of the games to have two distinct phases of combat, the second one activated after he has been defeated once. Some similarities exist, such as Network at half health in Armed with Wings 3. This is no longer fully true as of Rearmed, where Vandheer has two phases, however, each of these is a separate level (thus a checkpoint exists between the two), while both phases of Vindstot must be defeated in one level.