Smoking Martillo

An early sketch of Smoking Martillo in the next AWW game

Smoking Martillo
is the third boss of Armed With Wings 2 and the third-ranking commander of the Rebellion against Vandheer Lorde. Once executed by the King, he was given a chance for revenge by Armed with Wings. He made his residence in Fuego Mountain and guarded the Blade of Fire, but was eventually defeated by Vandheer and destroyed again. But after the battle between Lone Warrior and Vandheer Lorde, Martillo is resurrected and his whereabouts are unknown during Armed With Wings 3.


Martillo, as his name implies, is a master of smoke. Aside from attacking with the Blade of Fire, he can also teleport by turning to smoke, and create a massive smoke cone to push Vandheer into a bottomless pit. He is probably the easiest boss of the game and can be fairly easily slashed to death, even at high difficulties.

Upcoming AwW GameEdit

Smoking Martillo is likely to make a return in the untitled Upcoming AwW Game. Nothing is known about about what his role in the game will be.


  • Martillo translates from Spanish into "hammer", his full name thus means "smoking hammer."