Royal Army

Vandheer wins rebel war

The Royal Army consists of the weakest enemies in the Armed with Wings series, featured in Armed With Wings 1, 2, and Red Moon. Their strength is probably comparable to a strong human, although seeming slow and fragile in the game's sense.

The army can be seen alone, or in groups of 3 or more, scouting the areas. They are also featured as massed enemy in Survival mode in AwW2. Each of them wears the signature robes and helmets (somewhat similar to helms worn in Ancient Egypt).

In AwW1 the army can sense the eagle flying around, but not Lone Warrior if he is sneaking behind them. They are not very aware of pitfalls and attack ignorantly. Their attack power and speed are even worse than the beasts in AwW3, making them arguably the weakest characters inside the game series.

In AwW3, similar guards have made an appearance, without the helms and long uniforms, but attacks with slow cleaving like the others. It is unknown whether these are the same guards that appear in Vandheer's army, or are dissociated thugs of Gaaz.

Their model is similar in Rearmed, with the same helmet and robe, but a more traditional-looking spear. They have a 2-part combo that helps them counter Lone Warrior's improved fighting skills.

Razor Edit

There is also a new member of the royal army introduced in Rearmed, called the Razor. Razors are armed with glaives and can execute a spinning attack that can hit Lone Warrior multiple times or drain a large portion of the block meter if successfully blocked. Razors are more intelligent than normal guards, able to sprint around to catch the player, then transitioning into a defensive stance as they approach. They are less dangerous than Elites, but tend to support large numbers of soldiers.

Elite Soldier Edit

These are the deadliest, most skilled members of the Royal Army. They are encountered in some form or other in almost every game of the series, except Armed With Wings 3, where Vandheer has only just returned from a long imprisonment and lacks an army. They fight ruthlessly with dual scimitars and are capable of executing a charged attack similar to those used by Lone Warrior.


The Royal Army consists of an uncountable number of men, under command of Vandheer Lorde. Under his command, the army has killed plenty of innocent citizens and brought terror to the world. They remained in control over the world until Vandheer Lorde was defeated by Lone Warrior, when they turned against the former king. Few of the soldiers actually saw Vandheer Lorde, their orders instead being given by Elite Soldiers.

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