A Red Samurai is someone who is capable of harnessing the power of the Red Moon. This allows them to become stronger and cast waves of energy. Only Red Samurais may gain the power of the red moon although it is not confirmed as to which is first becoming a Red Samurai to harness the Red Moon or harnessing the Red Moon to become a Red Samurai (the method of doing either of these two acts is currently unknown). The moon only reflects red light for one day every decade.

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Notable Samurai Edit

The only known Red Samurai are Vandheer Lorde, Lord Hawkin and Lady Eivana.

In Red Moon Edit

Hawkin tried using the power of the Red Moon to kill Vandheer Lorde with the aid of Eivana, but unknown to him, Vandheer was also able to harness the moon's power. Due to this, he was able to defeat them both.

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The description for the game (made by the game's developer) shows the term Red Samurai being used

The only game that the Red Samurai appear in is Red Moon.