Red Moon

Red Moon Loading Screen

Red Moon was the third game made in the Armed with Wings series. It is focused on action, jumping, and combos . You play as Eivana on a mission with Hawkin to kill the King (Vandheer Lorde) on the night of the red moon.


The events of Red Moon are likely set either before or after the rebellion. Hawkin and Eivana, at the time still members of the court, plan to assassinate Vandheer on the night when the moon shines red, which strengthens their powers (as shown in the picture). People who harness this power are called Red Samurais.
Red Moon
Eivana must defeat the black creatures and soldiers and an elite guard of the King as well as use jumps and precision timing to get to the end of each level. There is a Royal Guard as a miniboss who reveals Vandheer Lorde's location on Devil's Hill after he is defeated. In the end they confront Vandheer, who defeats them and is only stopped from killing them both when Network suddenly appears and keeps him occupied while Hawkin grabs Eivana and flees.


Players can jump and double jump, and there are two special attacks fueled by the power of the red moon. One is a wave of force that bowls over and pushes enemies over, continuing in a straight line for a few meters before dissipating. The second is similar to the Lightning Strike from Armed with Wings 3 and can only be performed in mid-jump. Unlike in the other games Eivana has the ability to duck but can't swing herself onto ledges like characters in Culmination and Armed with Wings 3. The music changes over time but sounds vaguely Arabic twisted with some styles of anicent Japanese music and  some light funk elements and keyboard sound effects.


  • Art Piece: Collect one piece of concept art.
  • Introduction: Watch the intro.
  • Mere 5: Kill 5 enemies.
  • Sound of Music: Collect one soundtrack.
  • Art Collector: Collect all 6 concept art pieces.
  • Halfway There: Defeat the first boss.
  • Killer 30: Kill 30 enemies.
  • Sound Guru: Collect all three soundtracks.
  • Don't Skip Em: Watch all cinematics.
  • Long Live the King: Complete the game by "defeating" Vandheer.
  • Slayer 80: Kill 80 enemies.
  • Orb Hunter: Collect all red orbs.
  • Red Moon Deity: Complete the game without dying.


  • This game like Armed with Wings 1 and 2 doesn't feature the ledge climb and is the last game to not feature it.
  • There are some glitches where if the player lands on a platform the player may end up falling through it.
  • The Menu song is Airscape -r, another song is Sunrise Over Cairo, Show No Tears and .:Arabic Desert:. which can all be unlocked as bonuses during the game this is also the first game to feature that.
  • This game features achievements which can be saved if you are a user at Newgrounds.
  • In order to get the achievement orb hunter you don't have to collect every orb you encounter on all levels, there is a certain amount you need to collect which adds up to all the orbs, but the count goes to zero after a new game.
  • This is currently the only game featuring voice actors.