Quemq tormenta
Quema Tormenta
is the first boss of Armed With Wings 2 and was the 5th commander in the rebellion army led by Lone Warrior. He is depicted as a powerful flame caster, but is not agile and could exhaust himself after continous attacks. He was resurrected by Armed With Wings and sought revenge against Vandheer Lorde, but was finally defeated by the latter and destroyed again. However, he was resurrected once more by Lone Warrior.

Quema has incredibly high defense, being able to withstand all kinds of attacks of Vandheer Lorde until getting exhausted. He is then left open, slowly regaining his energy.


Quema has four abilities. His Wall of Fire blocks every attack directed at him and repels (but does not damage) enemies that approach him. The wall is invisible at first, but appears if Vandheer approaches him, making for a nasty surprize if the player doesn't know about it (because it can knock into Eruptions). He casts massive Fiery Eruptions from the ground that take some time to charge and are detectable by a red glow and a swelling of the earth. These blasts are very powerful and knock his foes high in the air. After several Eruptions (around 4 in the beginning and around 6 after he has rested) Quema casts a Red Energy Ball which flies in a straight line forward and deals massive damage, far more than the Eruptions. This move can be avoided only by Super Jumping over it. He becomes exhausted afterwards and rests for a while (and his Wall of Fire fades). Vandheer Lorde can take the oppotunity to hurt him badly. After recovering, Quema uses a Fire Wave to push Vandheer far away, resets the Wall of Fire and starts casting Eruptions again. The process is repeated until Quema has his health depleted.

Quema has higher health, attacks faster and deals more damage in Hard mode.