The Power Slash (also called Power Strike) is a move common across all games, in which the player unleashes a wave of energy from the tip of his sword. This appears in every game in some form.

Armed with Wings 1 Edit

Lone Warrior uses the power slash in the first game. It is charged up for a variable time before attacking. It is strong enough to break down walls and send enemies flying. There is only a little animation used when charging it: some white fire glows around Lone Warrior, and his hair whips around. Vandheer dodges it by teleporting until the slash is complete, and Royal Guards can counter it with their own power slash.

Armed with Wings 2 Edit

The power slash returns as a boss move with the same characteristics as above. Vandheer Lorde gets a slightly similar ability with the Blades of Eden.

Red Moon Edit

The power slash is perhaps greatest in Red Moon. The Red Samurais (people such as Hawkin and Eivana) can channel the power of the Red Moon to create devastating waves of energy that flow on for a great distance before dissipating. It can destroy almost every enemy, and can be used both on the ground and in the air. Vandheer is revealed to use the power too, creating upward blasts from the ground.

Armed with Wings 3 Edit

Leo uses a collection of different power strikes from skills he can find. These include an airstrike, a large single wave, and two side-blasts. Vandheer uses certain energy attacks, such as one where he blasts energy from the sky. Network uses several dark versions of the power slash, such as dark eruptions, a series of dark slashes, and an empowered combo.

Culmination Edit

The Lone Warrior has several new power slashes the he uses. These are determined by the length of the combo and how much special he has. He can cast an aerial variant below, a wave-like blast, and a launching sweep, among others. Vandheer retains his aerial power slash, in addition to a stream of energy accompanying his regular combo.

Rearmed Edit

In newer versions, there is a system for power slashes like in Culmination. The default charges an attack that creates either a small wave or a bolt of lightning to strike the earth. With both light and heavy attacks, several more attack possibilities are opened up.