Network is the primary antagonist of Armed With Wings 3 and the enemy of Blackmist. He appears to be the embodiment of all evil, only able to be stopped by Armed with Wings, the chosen of Blackmist. He may be the opposing deity of Blackmist, as he is defined as having power of godly caliber. The fact that he is somewhat immortal and able to host his power through others is similar to Blackmist incarnating itself in the form of Armed with Wings.


In Red Moon, Network is seen as a dark, roughly humanoid silhouette seemingly made of shifting energy, with glowing eyes.

In Armed with Wings 3, his true form is revealed to be a demonic, horned being with thin, skeletal limbs, a flowing mane or shadow and spines emerging from his torso. After being weakened by Lone Warrior (at that point still Armed with Wings), he returns similar to his Red Moon incarnation - a slim, vaguely humanoid silhouette with no defined features at all, not even eyes. As the story progresses and Network gains power, he eventually assumes his true form once more.


As a powerful force of evil and the antithesis of Blackmist, Network possesses incredibly vast power (enough to break seals created by Armed with Wings) and cannot be destroyed, or likely even defeated by any simple mortal. However, the chosen of Blackmist can fight him, with varying degrees of success. When Lone Warrior fights him, both are defeated when their power blasts meet, but Network remains alive. Leo, on the other hand, is implied to have been able to do away with him for good. Thus, combat-wise, Network is seemingly the equal of the Lone Warrior.

Network appears to be immortal, or at least very difficult to destroy for good. If he suffers enough damage, he weakens, but can return to his full power by absorbing the life of others. The stronger and worthier the victim, the more power Network gains.

In battle, he appears to wield dark energy powers. One of his signature abilities is slashing the enemy with whips of darkness. He can also create devastating waves of shadow, conjure many powerful explosions, imbue his melee blows with dark power, and fire lethal evil beams. His abilities seem to be a dark version of the Power Slash. Network can also teleport, and apparently collapse the earth to create bottomless pits.


In Red MoonEdit

Network's first appearance is in the game Red Moon. When Vandheer Lorde almost kills Hawkin, Network suddenly appears in front of him, buying Hawkin time to escape with Lady Eivana. This is most likely the first time Vandheer and Network meet. Later, since Vandheer survived his encounter with Network, Eivana assumes that he defeated him, but in fact, as Lone Warrior stated, it is probable no battle actually happened since the two are "closer to allies than enemies".

In Armed with Wings 3Edit

Network Демон

Network, demon full form

Network appears throughout the game, absorbing his foes to regain power. After killing many villagers, he evolves enough to free Vandheer Lorde from his prison.

Network later kills Lady Eivana, and her dissipation returns him to his final form. After being defeated by Leo (now Armed with Wings), he summons Vandheer Lorde to be the host of his power. Leo defeats him as well, and after realizing his true form as Armed with Wings, he is implied to have banished them both once and for all.


  • Network's true form design may have been based on Hollow Ichigo, from the anime "Bleach".
  • Network may have created the four Blades of Eden since they are designed to destroy Blackmist and he is an enemy of Blackmist. This is unknown ever since Armed with Wings 3 and Culmination.