The minotaur as seen in Rearmed.

The minotaur is the mid-boss in the game Armed With Wings 1 and Rearmed. Little history is known about it. Although not able to communicate with human language, the minotaur has some sort of intelligence along with its tremendous strength. It is likely that the minotaur was created by Network to serve Vandheer, along with the crawling enemy (see below). It was eventually killed by Lone Warrior.


The minotaur uses a giant blade with extreme strength, although blows from it are considerably slow. However, the unique move of blade-spinning, in which it spins the blade with invisible speed while walking forward, does depict some mastery of weapon for it.

The minotaur is the only boss who blocks the path to the exit. It effectively limits the available walking area of Lone Warrior, and can force him to a vertically aligned pit, although it failed to do so. Apart from that, after taking some damage it can kneel down and heal most of damage, although this can be interrupted by attacks which are strong enough.

After healing of damage, unless it is interrupted, it unleashes a roar which can push back enemies beside it. The roar is pretty strong, for Lone Warrior cannot withstand it.

Lesser Counterpart Edit

The minotaur has a Red Moon-like crawling enemy that is somewhat similar to it. This acts less like the minotaur, but has mainly the form in common. These are capable of lunging at Lone Warrior, and have considerably more health than average soldiers. Only one of these exists in Armed with Wings 1, but there are several in Rearmed.