D-sun leo

Alternative Name(s)

Armed with Wings




Blackmist, Eivana, Blacksmith, Lone Warrior


Vandheer Lorde, Network, Gaaz

Weapon of Choice



Protector of the Village


The Village, Blackmist

First Appearance

Armed with Wings 3

Latest Appearance

Armed with Wings 3


Lone Warrior

Leo is the main protagonist of the Armed with Wings 3.


Leo is the son of Lady Eivana, but has no father. He skilled in swordsmanship, unarmed combat, and numerous other skills. He is also the chosen one of Blackmist, a deity of Armed with Wings universe, which makes him "Armed with Wings", an avatar or host of Blackmist. Leo is the protagonist of Armed with Wings 3.

Taking from his mother, Leo is shown to be able to defeat nearly any Dark Creature in combat even before becoming aware of his god powers. However, he is defeated easily by Vandheer Lorde. Later on, as Leo's powers grow, he is able to defeat both Network and Vandheer, and finally to presumably destroy them both for good.


Arguably, Leo is the most powerful character in the entire series story-wise. He develops more skill and power until he is equal with the power of Vandheer Lorde. His fighting skills in Armed with Wings 3 are less fluid than the Lone Warrior's or Eivana's, and not as powerful as Vandheer's, but his learning speed is unrivaled by any other characters. When he became Armed with Wings, he was able to resurrect Lone Warrior and his mother, and destroy Network and Vandheer Lorde simultaneously. He has an athletic build and can bite down hard enough to make one of Gaaz's thugs drop him. Even before that Leo defeated Gaaz with Traditional Karate, which he had little time for training. He even mastered Vandheer's ice shot, latter's signature move and 6 powerful moves at the end of Armed with Wings 3.


Leo, with his sword.


Leo is presumably in his early teens, with freckles on his cheeks just like his mother, and has short black hair, possibly the shortest haircut out of everyone else in the series.  He wears a white jacket with a long collar, and straps that follow behind him, and a dark pair of pants with boots.

When he is in Armed with Wings form, his appearance almost remains the same, except for a white glow surrounding him and a pair of white wings.