Ice Shot is the official name given in Survival Mode in Armed with Wings 3, as one of the special moves performed by Leo, and a signature move by Vandheer Lorde. It is also featured in every game except Culmination.


Ice Shot looks like a blue sphere emitting light blue sparks behind it at times. It quickly gains velocity to its maximum speed, which is slightly faster than Leo's running speed, and travel horizontally without gravity effect, but with some travel distance limits. When hitting an enemy it detonates, bursting a blue ring from the center of sphere, then dissipates.

Armed with Wings 1Edit

Vandheer Lorde as the final boss, uses this move without restrictions. The Ice Shot must be attacked with the sword, or Lone Warrior will suffer heavy damage while pushed back.

Armed with Wings 2Edit

Ice Shot acts as an usable move, requiring 30% of the special bar. The attack area is a multiple on-touch circle area, and has a constant velocity. On touching the sphere area it detonates, but only the touching frame will deal damage. As such, it is nearly impossible to damage multiple enemies with Ice Shot unless: enemies are of exactly the same x-value, or at least two of them are standing very near to Vandheer Lorde, where the Ice shot object is summoned. This is the only game in which it has a range limitation, continuing to fly but doing no damage after a certain point.

Red MoonEdit

Returning as a boss move, Ice Shot shares similar properties as in previous series. However, the sphere is quite small and Eivana can actually duck below the sphere to evade it.

Armed with Wings 3Edit

Used as a boss move and as a learnable ability for Leo, Ice Shot shares similar properties as in previous series. The sphere is slower, bigger, and unique that Vandheer Lorde has a much higher endurance when he is going to use Ice Shot. It is not blue like the previous games, but is the same gray as the rest of the land.

Rearmed Edit

Vandheer maintains his ability to perform Ice Shot as the boss of the game. The attack is slower and easy to be blocked, making it the least fearsome out of any game. Additionally, when attacked, the ice shot will be reflected back towards Vandheer. The shot also has a distinct blue coloration that contrasts the entirely monotone graphics elsewhere. As well as a boss move, it is usable by Vandheer in his player-character form as a special attack.