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Hawkin (concept art)

Lord Hawkin (spelled Hawken in the second game) is a powerful warrior who was once a noble under Vandheer Lorde. He is referred to by Vandheer as Brother Hawken, but this is probably an indication of his rank rather than blood ties. Hawkin fought against the Rebellion which took place 5 years before the events of Armed with Wings 1. During the events of Red Moon, together with Eivana, he sought to overpower Vandheer Lorde by channeling the power the two receive when the moon shines red. However, the Emperor's power proved too much for them. They were unsuccessful and were forced to go into hiding.and He is 2nd Ranking Commander of Rebellion Army

Following the Lone Warrior's resurrection and his own defeat at his hands, Vandheer sought Hawkin out to form an alliance, urging the failed usurper to put all grudges aside in order to defeat this common enemy. They worked together to find the four swords that could permanently destroy Blackmist. However, Hawkin betrayed the Emperor again to join the Rebel forces, giving the Blade of Lightning to the Lone Warrior (thus damaging Vandheer's plan beyond repair), fatally injuring Eivana and challenging Vandheer, who eventually killed him. However, he was ressurected by the Lone Warrior later, after the Lone Warrior revealed his form of Armed with Wings.


It is unclear whether he only seeks power or whether he has ideals of his own (hinted to be the latter, since Blackmist apparently considers him "righteous"), but in either case he is a treacherous and ruthless individual who has no qualms about backstabbing or abusing his allies to attain his goals.

While he is brutal about how he works for his goals, he is a definite thrill-seeker, cunning, and sometimes calculated, although he is willing to give his life to fulfill his goal. However, he is quite violent, as seen mistreating Eivana, possibly causing her to finally escape desperately.


Fighting Techniques Edit

Hawkin is adept in martial arts, and wields a sword attached to a long whip with deadly skill. He uses a combination of jumping, martial art and swordmanship to perform highly fluid attacks, while having high mobility.

Teleportation Edit

Although the teleports in stages are not necessary, at the end of Red Moon he is seen teleporting away while holding Eivana.

Channeling Power Edit

He is able to channel the power of the Red Moon into devastating blasts, an ability shared by Eivana. His exact moves with channeled power is yet to know.

Endurance Edit

Hawkin is capable to maintain stability of most of his attacks throughout whole battles. Attacks are only slowed down if he takes damage. However, he is only as large as ordinary human, limiting his overall health.


Hawkin is voiced by XTREEMAK (Newgrounds account) in Red Moon.