Great Devil from an AwW3 cutscene

Great Devils (unofficial name) are towering, humanoid, extremely hostile creatures that live primarily on Devil's Hill. They appear in Red Moon and Armed with Wings 3.

In Red MoonEdit

Great Devils are elite enemies in the second part of the game. They are powerful, but slow, and attack with giant scimitars or by kicking. Unlike regular enemies, the defeat of Great Devils is usually required for progress. Sometimes, their defeat spawns a tentacle that can throw Eivana where she needs to go.

In Armed with Wings 3Edit

Only one Great Devil appears as the first boss of the game. At the start of the battle, he behaves much like his Red Moon counterparts, but has an additional unique ability. He can spawn mounds of dust on the ground, after a short delay those mounds will erupt into massive curved blades pointing upwards, which can inflict heavy damage to Leo.

Upon losing approximately half his health, the Devil starts moving much faster and becomes immune to flinching. In addition, when he uses his special, the mounds will move around for a few seconds before erupting into swords, making them harder to avoid.