Gaaz and two solders

Gaaz and two soliders

Gaaz is a servant of the evil force Network, aiding in the dark god's rebirth. He appears to be one of Network's allies, and leads an huge army of spearmen that capture many of the villagers in Leo's town (including his mother, Eivana) in order to sacrifice them to Network. Though Leo is able to kill Gaaz and his goons to rescue his mother on time, the other villagers are promptly killed and absorbed by Network.


Gaaz fights with a sword and has a heavy build. Despite being intimidating in stature, he is fairly easy to beat. The only dangerous ability he has isthe power to call down a powerful lightning storm against Leo. The amount of lightning bolts in the storm makes it hard to avoid, and getting hit by even one makes it almost impossible to avoid the others, which can also knock Leo into a spiked pit. Gaaz himself can teleport out of pits.

The easiest way to beat him is to slash him until he reaches about half of his health, then finish him with a Power Wave. It is best not to let him cast his lightning storm.

In Red MoonEdit

In Red Moon, several enemies with a similar look to Gaaz appear. They fight with their swords just like Gaaz does, have a heavy build, but cannot call forth lightning, and are very vulnerable to pitfalls.