All of the Armed with Wings games feature enemies made from blackmist, which the character must defeat in order to progress to the next level.  These enemies can be monster-like, and each uses different weapons with different abilities.

Royal ArmyEdit

Depicted in the first screenshot are soldiers of Vandheer Lorde as they appear in Armed With Wings 1, wearing their signature robes and helmets (somewhat similar to helms worn in Ancient Egypt). These enemies are comparitiviely weak. The army also contains elite Royal Guards, who are much more skilled and tough opponents, as well as a few others (like tough brutes who attack with sickles, seen in Red Moon).

In Armed With Wings 2, after Vandheer Lorde's defeat at the hands of Armed With Wings, the guard joins the rebellion and fights against the one who was once their king.


Real guard?

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Dark CreaturesEdit

Monsters of blackmist, most likely created by Network. Those beasts come in many shapes and sizes, from basic enemies to giant hulking bosses. The humanoid spearmen (seen in the second screenshot) and archers serving Network in Armed With Wings 3 are an interesting case. Whether those are just humanoid monsters or actual humans under Network's command is unclear.