The empire of Vandheer Lorde is the main setting for the games. After the Rebellion, the empire lies in ruins, creating interesting landscapes to enrich the game.

History Edit

This section contains spoilers on the game's expansive storyline. If you wish to watch the story unfold yourself, please refrain from reading the following section.

Nothing is known about the beginning of the empire, for speculations, refer to the Vandheer Lorde page. Vandheer Lorde is the current ruler, although his rule may be timeless. For some time, the citizens have suffered under the iron fist of the tyrant, forbidden from speaking against him and tortured by the Royal Army. There was plotting against him even before the rebellion, as seen in Red Moon. It is assumed that the empire was already falling into disorder and disrepair by this time, all except for the great stronghold in which Vandheer lived.

It was at this time that, dissatisfied with the rule of their king, the Rebellion began. There were five commanders who lead the rebellion army, four of which are known. These consist of Lone Warrior, Smoking Martillo, Vindstot, and Quema Tormenta. Although the rebels were numerous, the powerful army of the king defeated them. Lone Warrior was the last to fall, killed at the hands of Vandheer himself, but he was resurrected by Blackmist and given the title of Armed with Wings.

After defeating Vandheer, Armed with Wings secured the throne. Vandheer fled the palace as the lesser soldiers of the Royal Army surrendered and joined Armed with Wings. The commanders were appointed to rule over different regions of the empire, but Vandheer and his allies defeated them. Vandheer made his last move against Armed with Wings by challenging him, but was defeated again. Armed with Wings sealed him, just before Network came. Armed with Wings and Network killed each other due to their equal strength, although Blackmist's vessel, Lone Warrior, and Network was somehow revived. Blackmist itself survived due to its nature and chose Lady Eivana to give birth to its next vessel, Leo.

Throughout the entirety of the next games, the empire is nothing but ruins. Small villages exist in peace, dominated by small, separated kingdoms such as the one lead by Gaaz. Vandheer, once freed by Network, continually roams about the ruins. By this time, the Royal Army has been vanquished, along with most of the rebel forces. The status of the empire is unknown in future games.

Locations Edit

The empire rules the entire world. This is only hinted at in most games, and mentioned only once by Vandheer himself. Despite this, no world maps or other history documents exist. No oceans are ever seen, are it is likely that none exist. The empire's power must have been very strong to secure such power over the world for a long time, and not much is known about any other rulers second to Vandheer. However, there are some locations that are noted in games.

The Palace Edit

The palace provides the central setting for every game except Armed with Wings 3 and Culmination. The palace is heavily fortified by the Royal Army, and is the most strategic location of the empire. As well as the guards, there are many traps employed by the defenders of the palace. Among them are spiked pits, buzzsaws, sliding doors and bridges, and intricate puzzles. The fate of the palace after the first few games is unknown, but some theories exist. The palace may just never have been visited, it could have been destroyed, or it is actually the castle that Gaaz inhabits in Armed with Wings 3.

Devil's Hill Edit

A place only seen in Red Moon, the Devil's Hill is the home of the world's dark creatures. This is true even before Network's arrival, as evidenced by the giant dark creatures seen nowhere else. There is less of the empire's machinery here than in other places, allowing some creatures like subterranean tentacles to have free reign.

Gusty Valley Edit

The region of the empire appointed to Vinstot after the rebellion. Tornadoes and pits from which wind blows are common there. The Wind Blade of Eden was hidden there by Vandheer, which may be linked to the windy climate. Gusty Valley or a similar place is seen in Armed with Wings 3, where wind pits are common as well.

Fuego Mountain Edit

Ruled by Smoking Martillo and holding the Fire Blade of Eden is Fuego Mountain. Riddled with lakes of magma and weakly-supported platforms, Fuego Mountain provides an excellent defensive area.

The Village Edit

The small town in which Leo was raised. This village may have existed before the rebel war, but it is only mentioned after the war was finished. It is home to some characters such as the Blacksmith and Eivana (after Armed with Wings 2). During Chapter 2 of Armed with Wings 3, the village is put under siege by Gaaz, and everyone but Leo and the Blacksmith are taken as prisoners. The villagers return after Leo kills Gaaz.