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Armed with Wings Culmination is the fifth installment of the Armed with Wings series, after Red Moon and the main trilogy. The game is centered around Lone Warrior's quest to slay Vandheer Lorde once and for all. Frenzied by his rage, Lone Warrior leaves Leo in Chapter 4 of Armed with Wings 3 to hunt down Vandheer. He is finally slain and Vandheer leaves him to die alone. This story takes place parallel to the remaining part of Armed with Wings 3, and reveals why Vandheer did not try to confront Leo before Network did, and why the Lone Warrior was resurrected.


The style of gameplay in Culmination differs from most of the other games. Lone Warrior is able to wall jump and ledge climb, in addition to double jump. However, he does not have an eagle to aid him. The keys WASD control different attacks, unlocked in the order ASDW. There are also three combinational attacks when the D attack is unlocked:1.Press A for two times and then press D; 2.Press A for three times and then press D; 3.Press A for 4 times and then press D. There are only three types of enemies, dark creatures made by Network, but they all provide a challenge for experienced players. At the end of the game on normal difficulty, you switch to play as Vandheer for the boss fight. Vandheer uses an extended version of his combo from Armed with Wings 2 (although with only some of the special attacks in Armed with Wings 3), but Lone Warrior uses completely new attacks. His look is also changed, wielding his sword behind his back and having grown his hair. The game focuses more on agility than damage, unlike every other game. Mainly, jumping to dodge attacks and chaining combos through the air.


All achievements listed can be completed on any difficulty except ones that specify otherwise. They cannot be gained through level select. The following list is the order the achievements appear in the game.

  • Contrast: Adjust an option at the start of the game or in the pause menu.
  • Exhaust LW: Use all of Lone Warrior's attacks.
  • Juggle Clown: Get a 10-hit combo.
  • This is Too Easy: Complete the game on normal difficulty.
  • Exhaust VL: Use all of Vandheer Lorde's attacks.
  • Juggle Blade: Get a 20-hit combo.
  • Pit of Doom: Knock 5 enemies into pits.
  • Slaughter: Kill all enemies.
  • Special Expert: Maintain the ability use your Ultimate Attack for more than 30 seconds.
  • Special Master: Maintain the ability use your Ultimate Attack for more than 60 seconds.
  • This is More Like It: Complete the game on hard difficulty.
  • Destiny: Get killed by Vandheer Lorde during the boss battle in hard difficulty.
  • Orb Hunter: Collect 100 healing orbs.
  • Rebel Scum: Get killed by Lone Warrior during the boss battle on normal difficulty.
  • Undefeated: Complete the game without dying.
  • Speed Demon: Complete the game in under 8 minutes.
  • Juggle King: Get a 50-hit combo.
  • Juggle God: Get a 60-hit combo.
  • God of this world: Get all other achievements.


  • Sun-Studios developed a version of this game for Cartoon Network called Shadow Mission with the same gameplay, easier achievements, a different storyline, a command list, and the alteration of some moves.
  • Since this is the first game in the series that uses ActionScript 3 it is now possible to pause the game and stop the enemies from moving.
  • Culmination is the first game to feature a level select.
  • Culmination is the only game where the player can play with more than one character. This is not counting the incredibly brief scene in Armed with Wings 3 where the player controls Armed with Wings.
  • This game, like Red Moon, features achievements which can be saved if you are a user at Newgrounds.
  • The Slaughter achievement can only be gained by making sure the enemies don't fall to their deaths when you kill them. You get the achievement before facing Vandheer Lorde.
  • In the intro there is a caption that says "I will slay you Vandheer Lorde!" This was said when Lone Warrior teleports during Armed with Wings 3 and was implemented so the player understands the time the game took place.
  • Along with Armed with Wings 2, Culmination is the only game to feature difficulty options.