This article discusses about the combat style of the controlled characters only, excluding the eagle, which can be controlled but participated in little of combat.

Armed with Wings 1Edit

In Armed with Wings 1, there are only 4 types of attacks, one of them having a combo. There is the normal 3 step combo, the power attack, uppercut, and parry attack (activated when blocking at the right time). There are no specials or jumping in this game.

A charging function is implemented for the power attack: holding the keys longer gives a powerful thrust and high damage output.

Armed with Wings 2Edit

Combat in Armed with Wings 2 is much more dynamic. Jumping is implemented, as well as power jumping. This time, there are 3 types of 3-step combos. Punch combo, kick combo, and sword combo. You can also obtain the 4 Blades of Eden in this game, in addition to the beginning sword. Depending on what sword you have, a special ability is unlocked. There are also 2 special attacks, which you always have independent of sword.

Charging function is implemented for jumping, Vandheer can jump much higher when the jump key is held longer.

Red MoonEdit

Combat in Red Moon focuses more on the aerial part. The normal ground attack is 4 step, but only the first and final blow can push enemies back. Aerial attacks has 3 steps, and special attacks are available in either ground or aerial forms. Wall jump and double jump are also implemented, along with a hidden wall-climbing glitch.

Charging function is not implemented, although the Ultimate move requires accumulation of the special bar by dealing blows to enemies.

Armed with Wings 3Edit

Armed with Wings 3 by far has the most elaborate combat compared to earlier games. The three combat styles are of the most interest:

Hand-to-hand combat:

Sword combat:

Wall jump is implemented but not double jump. However, cliff climbing is implemented. Aerial attacks can be unlocked in progression of the game, along with seven kinds of special attacks (One of them, Heal is already unlocked at the start of game), in which several of them feature aerial movements.

The charging function is greatly implemented. Apart from a special bar which refills over time or by hitting enemies, which can be depleted to perform special attacks; one of the special: Spinning Agile, can be performed forever until special bar is emptied or the key is released.

The eagle, although independent of combat, can be a minor help if positioned correctly and Leo can climb above it for quick evasion.

Armed with Wings: CulminationEdit

Culmination has combat style similar to Red Moon. The game processes a special bar which can drain over time, ground and aerial attacks, and an ultimate move which empties the bar. The major differences include an unlockable power slash which does not deplete the special bar, two types of typical slashes with very varied properties, and the ability to attack while running, which maintains high movement speed when attacking.

Culmination has also implemented features from more recent games. The double jump, wall jump, and cliff climbing are all implemented, in addition to four kinds of power slash based off of the prior attacks (as in AwW3). The game features teleportation, from the Ultimate move of Lone Warrior or the sneak attack of Vandheer Lorde. Player can even choose Vandheer under certain situations, who has different set of ground moves and teleport attacks, but cannot aerial attack.