Blades of eden
A series of powerful swords formerly belonging to Vandheer Lorde. They have the ability to break down and destroy Blackmist, rather than dispersing it. However, all four blades must cut whatever is being destroyed. The 4 blades are of water, wind, fire, and lightning.

It is known only collecting three of the blades will not be sufficient to destroy Blackmist altogether. But due to Hawkin's betrayal, Vandheer did not have a chance to hold the Blade of Lightning. Therefore, it was impossible for him to permanently kill Blackmist. The betrayal of Hawkin is said to have been the key of Vandheer's defeat.

The blades themselves are capable to withstand wild usage by Vandheer Lorde, and powerful enough to injure Lone Warrior as Armed with Wings.

Blade of WaterEdit

A long hooked blade with saws, when stabbed to the ground with power, the Blade of Water can cause consecutive water bursts out of the ground, spreading from the casting point.

The Blade of Water was buried near the hideout of Hawkin and Eivana, and recovered by Vandheer. It is used along with the Blades of Air and Fire against Armed with Wings, but was unable to destroy Blackmist. It is never seen again and possibly destroyed finally, by the attack of Leo, the new Armed with Wings.

The hiding of Blade of Water is proof of Vandheer Lorde's intelligence, he may have already known where Eivana and Hawkin were hiding, and hid it in case he needed to kill them.

Vandheer Lorde later uses this blade(unconfirmed) to kill the Lone Warrior in Culmination.

Blade of WindEdit

A curved Spectre-like blade, it has the shortest attack range out of four blades, when thrown with power, will cause a gust sending enemies into sky, and then return to the thrower like a boomerang. It consumes less power than other blades do, according to Vandheer Lorde's experience.

Blade of Wind was guarded by Vinstot inside Gusty Valley, she later used it to confront Vandheer but was defeated, the blade taken by the latter.  Vandheer apparently keeps this weapon and uses it in later AWW3.

Blade of FireEdit

A holed scimitar, the Blade of Fire is able to cause a large blast of flame to burst on the ground.

The Blade of Fire was guarded by Smoking Martillo inside Fuego Mountain, he later used it to confront Vandheer but was defeated, and the blade was taken by the latter. It shares the same fate as the Blade of Water.

Blade of LightningEdit

A double-edged sword with thunder-shaped blade, the Blade of Lightning can call forth lightning from the sky, when it is held straight upwards, lightning strikes onto the blade and disperses, the energy spread around the caster, damaging enemies near him. The actual power of this blade is unknown but Vandheer Lorde was able to instantly kill most of rebellion generals, activating power of this blade while possessing all the four blades. This blade also seems to activate its power much more quickly than other blades.

The Blade of Lightning was hidden in an unknown place, found by Hawkin and Eivana, however Hawkin betrayed Eivana and badly injured her, before running off with the blade, giving it to Lone Warrior. However, Lone Warrior does not use the blade at all, probably knowing it is the key to destroy Blackmist, causing him to decide to destroy it.


  • In AwW3 and Culmination, it is suspected that Vandheer Lorde wields the Blade of Water. However, it appears smaller, less powerful and more simply designed.
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