The Blacksmith is a minor character appearing in Armed With Wings 2 and 3. He is never referred to by name, and in most cases is merely a functional figure.

Appearances Edit

Armed with Wings 2 Edit

The Blacksmith first appears as part of Hawkin's entourage. He holds on to the Blades of Eden not currently in use, allowing Vandheer to switch between them between level sets. He has at most one speaking line, and is otherwise completely impartial.

Armed with Wings 3 Edit

The Blacksmith is later revealed as a part of the village in which Leo and Eivana reside. He is able to fend off soldiers of Gaaz, leaving himself and Leo as the only villagers left after the attack. Shortly thereafter, he teaches Leo his skills in Traditional Karate. He remains in the village for the rest of the game, not having any other role in the plot.

As a functional character, he offers Leo upgrades based on the latter's experience. As mentioned before, he also teaches Leo Traditional Karate.