A monster dissipating into Blackmist upon death

This article refers to the sentient material that makes up the world. For information on the world itself, see Empire.

Blackmist is a sentient life-force that makes up all living things in the Armed with Wings universe. There have been questions as to whether it is a actual person or a faceless deity, as characters in the game are not consistent in their references to Blackmist as "it" and "he." In Rearmed, it is evident that Blackmist is indeed a god, as seen resurrecting Lone Warrior in the third level. The depiction of Blackmist can be seen below and to the right.

Blackmist has the ability to host its power within an individual, granting that person the title of Armed with Wings and causing them to grow a pair of glorious wings and shine in a bright white luster. Hosted person is aware of being Blackmist without losing sanity, gains unmeasurable power, speed, and Blackmist's ability to revive dead beings instantly, even control, launch and deflect large amount of pure energy. However, the energy Blackmist can hold on a certain individual has satisfaction point, as shown in Lone Warrior's battle with Network. So far in the series, the Lone Warrior and Leo are the only characters to be given this title.

Whenever a monster or person in the AwW universe is killed, they dissolve into a dark fog and return to Blackmist. The dissipation starts at the fatal injury points towards the ends of the body, however with great power a being can be destroyed instantly. This can be seen in the second and third games, when bosses will explode on death.

In rare cases, righteous individuals may be granted another chance and be resurrected by Blackmist. Eivana is also chosen by Blackmist, which impregnated her to give birth to Leo. On the other hand, powerful swords called the Blades of Eden can be used to completely destroy Blackmist, allowing them to permanently kill a person.


  • The spellings "Blackmist" and "Black mist" are used interchangeably throughout the series.
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