Description Edit

Armed with Wings Versus is an upcoming game in the Armed with Wings series. It does not follow any particular storyline from the other games, but is instead intended to be a "celebration" of sorts, as described by Daniel Sun. It will feature every playable character from each game, including other major characters that weren't playable previously. Most characters will have revised movesets, likely in a form similar to Culmination. Daniel Sun details that it will have several different arenas, gamemodes, and challenges available to players. He intends to release the game early with limited content, and later to update it as more is developed.

Characters Edit

A list of characters mentioned as being playable, along with the game their model will be based off of.

Trivia Edit

  • Daniel Sun originally planned on calling it Armed with Wings Survival Game or Armed with Wings Remix, and planned to release it in March of 2014. He later decided on its current title and a release date "before Christmas 2014". However, development of Rearmed got in the way and postponed development.
  • A gameplay video of AwWV was released by Daniel, showcasing one possible game mode and featuring Leo as the played character; it can be found here.
  • A beta version of Versus can be found on Daniel Sun's Patreon profile, if you donate $5 or more per month.