Armed With Wings 3


Daniel Sun (Sun-Studios, Programming), Adam Alonso (audio)


Max Games


Web (Flash)


Singleplayer, Survival


Flash (ActionScript 2.0)


Armed With Wings 3 title screen

Armed with Wings 3 is the third installment of the Armed with Wings series.

Story Edit

This installment switched back from being the villain to the hero again. It starts out by telling how the dark creature Network, and Blackmist as Armed with Wings destroy each other, and how both reformed into new organisms. Now, the new protagonist is Leo, the son of Lady Eivana. The basis of the game is that now that the king is dead (or rather, trapped forever), the few remaining villages live in peace but are constantly besieged by dark monsters. Lady Eivana, her ally the Blacksmith, Leo, and their villagers happily live in their village. However, a general named Gaaz tries to seize the town and captures Lady Eivana and the villagers. Leo tries to save them, but is blocked the Blacksmith, w1ho teaches him a new form of Karate.

Leo goes to Gaaz's fortress, kills him, and rescues the villagers. Before they can escape, however, Network kills and absorbs the villagers to evolve into a more full form. Leo and Eivana are horrified and seek to free the king Vandheer Lorde, Eivanan having seen him stand up to Network. They find the Lone Warrior guarding him, who explains he will side with Network if he is free. Network comes and frees Vandheer, but Leo and his friends escape. At home, they talk about how they must go after Vandheer. Lone Warrior teaches Leo new forms of fighting, he also finds out Leo has no father, meaning he is now Armed with Wings. They chase Vandheer, but he escapes, saying that Network is going to kill Leo's Mother. The Lone Warrior chases off after Vandheer (in what becomes Culmination), but Leo is left alone with an evil monster. He kills it and goes back to the village. There, he witnessed the scene of Network killing and consuming his mother.

Striven to finally kill both, he finds Network. Network taunts him and fights, but Leo strikes him down. Network cowers and calls upon Vandheer to kill him. Leo beats him as well, and Vandheer cannot believe it. Leo then transforms into his true Armed with Wings form and kills them once and for all. He resurrects his mother and Lone Warrior, discovering that he is the incarnation of Blackmist. He declares he shall wash the stain of evil from the earth, and it will never be seen again.


Armed with Wings 3 plays more like an RPG rather than a fighting game like the others in the series. In it, you can earn XP by battling monsters, and cash it in for weapons and skills at the Blacksmith's. Instead of chaining open combos you rely on custom-built skillsets, improved by the upgrades that you find through the story.

Some elements are the same, such as the puzzles from the first Armed with Wings. The eagle has more purposes, from collecting skills to providing a boost to Leo while jumping. Although used rarely, there are doors and triggers that form more puzzles. The combat is also reflective of the style used before. It is based off of a freeform combo system dependent on your weapon, but also implements charged attacks and special moves.

Jumping has been an inconsistent feature throughout the games. The first went without, the second had a rather poor power jump system, and Red Moon had a better double-jump and wall-jump. There is no double jumping in this game, as it focuses more on damage than agility. However, wall jumps still exist, and jumps aided by the eagle. A new feature is ledge grabs, where Leo can climb onto a higher ledge.

The game has a survival system that has been much improved over the earlier versions. Armed with Wings 1 and 2 and very simple survival modes where enemies simply spawned in randomly and attacked. Armed with Wings 3 has a specialized survival map, with enemies increasing in difficulty as time goes on. Routinely, a platform will rise and carry the player and all enemies onto one level. There, the first boss will spawn. After it is defeated, the platform lowers. The game will repeat this will bosses of increasing difficulty, up to Vandheer, where it resets. As an added bonus, since the eagle has little value in survival, it is replaced with a second special ability.

The game has better quality and graphics than the previous Armed With Wings games, as there are greater details in the silhouettes of the characters. In previous games, you only see a shadow of each character, except for the intro cinematic of the game Red Moon where you can see faces of each character. You can also see the faces of each character in Armed with Wings 3. There are also cutscenes that feature other graphics of high quality.


  • Unlike in Armed With Wings 1 where the Lone Warrior's eagle has a flight limit unless it gets the special power orb for eagles, Leo's eagle can fly in an unlimited amount of time in Armed With Wings 3.
  • Another difference between the Lone Warrior's eagle and Leo's eagle is Leo's eagle can lift Leo up to higher places while the Lone Warrior's eagle cannot do the same.
  • There is a glitch in the very beginning of the game, where if you press space to skip the introduction cinematic, the game will be frozen and you will see the Lone Warrior with his wings standing in the mid-air.
  • The game has a menu, but it will not pause the game because ActionScript 2 does not allow easy pauses. A similar thing happened in Red Moon.
  • The Lost Edition is the salvaged rendition of the original AwW 3 of the original .fla file after the file had been corrupted.or lost. This is an incomplete edition of the game with a story-line much more reminiscent of its original concept, the differences of which further detailed on the webpage the game is hosted on. The AwW 3 Lost Edition can be played on the official Armed with Wings website.