Armed with Wings 2 is the second installment of the Armed with Wings series.

Armed with wings Vandheer lorde-1

2's main protagonist, Vandheer Lorde.

Armed With Wings 2


Sun Studios, Ubisoft Paris (soundtracks), ad hoc development team (soundtracks)


Armor Games


Windows, Mac


Single Player, Survival


Action Script 2.0


Armed With Wings 2 Title Screen



This section contains spoilers on the game's expansive storyline. If you wish to watch the story unfold yourself, please refrain from reading the following section.

The game begins with Vandheer Lorde in his throne room, mulling over his defeat at the hands of Armed with Wings. It is revealed by a loyal guard that Armed with Wings has overrun his castle. After crushing his rebelling guards with his powers, he is shocked to find Quema Tormenta (5th-Ranking Commander of the rebellion army) resurrected after he was killed in the rebellion. A boss battle ensues, and Quema is defeated, taunting Vandheer with his last breath that he will rise again. Vandheer heads to Hawkin and Eivana who he hasn't seen since the events of Red Moon. Vandheer requests an alliance, in order to find the Blades of Eden, and they accept when he reveals he hid them in four temples, including one he hid right below them. Vandheer begins seeking the other blades of Eden.

His first search is for the Blade of Wind, which he finds in Gusty Valley in the hands of Vindstot, another rebel commander supposedly executed by his own hand. Vandheer defeats her, and goes to the Fuego Mountain to recover the Blade of Fire. He finds it in the hands of Smoking Martillo, Third-Ranking Commander in the Rebellion, and another one who had been killed. Vandheer, failing to realize the severity of what Blackmist is doing to him, kills Martillo and claims the blade. He proceeds off the mountain back to his base to deposit his blades and see if Hawkin has found the final one. As he enters, He sees Hawkin killing Eivana, and he taunts him, calling after him to "Catch me if you can," before he teleports to the palace. After invading his own palace, killing several hundred guards, Vandheer Lorde then kills Lord Hawkin and then defeats Lone Warrior, but when Lone Warrior is about to die, he reveals to him that Vandheer will eventually die anyway, because Blackmist does not want him alive. Vandheer then asks as to if that was true, why he would not strike him down where he stood.  The Lone Warrior then becomes Blackmist in in its most corporeal form, Armed with Wings. Blackmist says that Vandheer has disrupted the balance of the world, and the pure of heart shall never truly die. Blackmist then uses its magic to seal Vandheer in a white room, and resurrects the rebel commanders, Hawkin, and heals Eivana.


  • If the player wants to use the appropriate Blade of Eden for the storyline it is recommended that the player finishes with the Blade of Water since that is the blade Vandheer Lorde wields in Armed With Wings 3 and Culmination.
  • This game has three difficulties: easy, medium and hard. As the difficulty increases enemies have more health, the amount of places you can fall to your death from increases, enemies can attack faster, bosses have improved attacks with more damage.
  • There are several glitches to this game:
    • Firstly, in level 2 of the 1st chapter: Escape, there is a spiky pit.  Sometimes, when Vandheer Lorde jumps over the pit, he dies even though he does not fall into the pit.
    • Secondly, in level 3 of the same chapter, there is a series of platforms with a deep cliff with lots of spikes at the bottom. If Vandeer Lorde is on the rightmost cliff and he uses the "press up longer to jump really high" ability OR Vandheer Lorde accidentally falls into the spiky pit, you will sudden receive a blackout in the game and the game will be stuck. Therefore, to avoid this, make sure Vandheer Lorde walks toward the end of the cliff and toward the platforms instead.
      2015-04-21 20.58.33

      Level 2 in Chapter 1: Escape

      2015-04-21 20.59.19

      Level 3 of Chapter 1: Escape