Armed With Wings 1


Sun Studios, Crytek (soundtracks), Namco (soundtracks)


Armor Games


Windows, Mac


Action Script 2.0


Singleplayer, Survival

Armed with wings

Armed With Wings wallpaper

The first game in the Armed with Wings Series. For the remade version currently in development, see Armed with Wings Rearmed.

Story Edit

Armed with Wings 1 introduces a world with a grey sky and black walls where living silhouettes are born from blackmist, and dissipate into blackmist when they die. Here, a tyrant rules an empire, and has killed all who had rebelled against him. 5 years after that victory, one of the rebels he had killed returns to life, with the strength of a Hero, and the spirit of an Eagle. This is your character, the protagonist.

In your quest for vengeance against the King, Vandheer Lorde, who killed you and your fellow rebels, you have the aid of an eagle spirit you can release from within yourself to move/retrieve objects, or distract your foes while you sneak up behind.

Opening (word for word)Edit

5 years ago...

(King, after figure is thrown onto screen at his feet)
The last rebel has fallen at last.

(Rebel at the king's feet)
...Curse you!
Your wicked ways will meet an end!

(Raises sword)
But untill then...
...return to the black mist from which you once came...

(Present, 5 years later, focused on the sword stabbed into the ground)

We come and leave this world as blackmist.

When death strikes us down, we return and dwell as mere fragments of darkness.

But, through some divine means, we returned to this world as two entities possessing the strength of a Hero and the spirit of an Eagle.

(The rebel from before is reconstructed from a cloud of black. An eagle flies to land on his shoulder.)

We call this power Blackmist. Armed with Wings.

Armed With Wings 1 Opening 1


In Armed With Wings 1, the gameplay is more puzzle-based, rather than combat. There are 4 types of attacks, in addition to blocking. Standard attack, power attack, uppercut, and parry. One notable oddity about the game is the player's inability to jump. The puzzles mainly involve the Eagle. The Eagle can be sent out for a limited time, and can pick up specific items such as keys and rocks which are used mostly for opening doors. There is also a powerup which allows you to send out the Eagle for an unlimited amount of time.