The Lone Warrior in Armed with Wings form

Armed With Wings is the title given to he upon which Blackmist bestows his power. This grants them great power and command over an eagle. Only Lone Warrior and Leo have ever been granted this title, Lone Warrior holding it throughout the first two games, and Leo at the end of Armed with Wings 3. Leo, having been conceived directly by Blackmist himself through Eivana, is stronger in this form than Lone Warrior when he was Armed with Wings. Blackmist is able to control the character once they are revealed in corporeal Armed with Wings form, though the host still retains some influence. When revealed in corporeal form, Armed with Wings will glow white, have wings, and exhibit the pinnacle of their abilities.


Armed with Wings is strengthened in every respect, even before revealing their full form. For instance, Lone Warrior had defeated Vandheer Lorde prior to his subsequent loss of divine status, and was killed when he tried to fight him again.

Armed with Wings is able to command an eagle to scout and solve puzzles, which is where the name may come from. The ability to resurrect the righteous is another distinguishing characteristic of the title holder, and has always been taken advantage of by them.