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Armed with Wings is a series of flash games developed and created by Daniel Sun of The games take place in a world where all creatures and people are made from a substance known as Blackmist. When they die, they dissipate back into it, but some are resurrected. The games released so far are in chronological order below. The games in the series can be seen below.

Current Games Edit

Red Moon Edit

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Lady Eivana and Lord Hawkin challenge the king on the night of the Red Moon, when their power is greatest. After making their way through the palace and to Devil's Hill. Unfortunately, they find Vandheer Lorde is also able to harness the powers of the moon. Their forces are defeated and must flee into hiding.

Armed with Wings 1 Edit

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In an unnamed kingdom, a rebel army rose against Vandheer Lorde. The rebel army was defeated, and the rebel commander was executed by the king himself. Five years later, the rebel leader was resurrected with the strength of a hero and the spirit of an eagle to end Vandheer's sadistic rule.

Armed with Wings 2 Edit

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Vandheer Lorde himself, defeated by Armed with Wings, must face his own rebelling guards and escape his palace. He forges an alliance with Hawkin and Eivana, and they plot to find the four Blades of Eden which will be able to forever destroy Armed with Wings. He finally defeats the Lone Warrior and prepares to kill him once and for all, but Blackmist hosts itself with the Lone Warrior and seals him in a white cage.

Armed with Wings 3 Edit

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Armed with Wings leaves Vandheer trapped, but moments later, a demonic being known as Network, the ultimate foe of Blackmist, appears to free the king. The hero and Network are destroyed in the ensuing battle, and Vandheer remains trapped, guarded by the weakened Lone Warrior. A young boy, Leo, must now take on the role of Blackmist's chosen warrior and stand against the combined efforts of Vandheer and Network.

Culmination Edit

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The Lone Warrior, having lost his power, vows to slay Vandheer Lorde. Chasing him through the ruins of the kingdom, fueled by his rage, he finally corners the king. Vandheer slays him and vanishes to go serve Network. This game takes place between chapters 4 and 6 of Armed With Wings 3.

Rearmed is out!

Upcoming Games Edit

Rearmed Edit

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Rearmed is a revision of the first game, complete with more levels, a slightly expanded story-line, and vastly improved graphics and combat. The game plays much more like an RPG, with the player being able to collect swords and abilities with experience earned over time, but also retains a battle system very similar to Culmination. An early access version of the game is currently available on Steam and

Versus Edit

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As a spin on the series, Versus features no story-line, but instead a survival mode similar to ones in Rearmed and Armed with Wings 3. There will also be a local multiplayer where players can fight each other as different characters from the series. Online multiplayer has not been confirmed, however.

Upcoming Armed with Wings Game Edit

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Little is known about this game, as it is in the very earliest stages of development. Daniel Sun has referred to it as "THEBIGONE" on the Armed with Wings and Sun-Studios websites.